About Us

TSSC F&B distributes innovative and/or creative quality F&B goods to the region’s HoReCa industry. Our hand-picked innovative products are designed to simplify the life of F&B professionals with the aim of enhancing their customer’s experience. Our skilled F&B team are fully trained to provide the best solution possible for our customers.

Our History


TSSC F&B Division’s officially started in 1998
with a history as far back as the early 1990’s.

It started when the company founder Basil Bahar opened French Connection bakery café’ on the now famous Sheikh Zayed Road. It was 1997 and Dubai was yet to emerge as a leading global destination. French Connection was an immediate success that became the cornerstone of trendy café’s with lines of people waiting to be served. French Connection at the time needed high quality roasted coffee beans to serve hot beverages to its customers and there were only a limited number of options available in the UAE at the time. This is when TSSC F&B emerged as a visionary leader to cater to the needs of not only French Connection but to other F&B establishments starting with the import of Bonomi Italian roasted coffee beans from Milan, Italy.

TSSC F&B further expanded its portfolio with a selection of frozen parbaked high end bakery products from Germany. Once again, TSSC F&B was recognized as the first to introduce frozen bakery products to the region providing hotels and restaurants not only convenience and reduction in food waste but more importantly, the opportunity to offer a larger variety of baked goods to their customers.

Today, Basil Bahar’s sons continue their father’s vision of striving to be the industry leader in providing innovative solutions and high-quality F&B products and services throughout the GCC. TSSC F&B has developed strong partnerships built on trust with our clients and continue to pave the way forward with innovative and cost-effective products and services catered to the region’s HoReCa industry.

Our Mission Vision
Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide innovative quality F&B products and services to the HoReCa industry while creating added value.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To be the industry leader in providing innovative solutions and high-quality F&B products and services throughout the region.

Our Values

Our Values

TSSC F&B believes success can only be achieved through a holistic approach and long-term partnership with the HoReCa industry while providing them with innovative and/or quality guaranteed products and services. We take pride in working closely with our customers to identify challenges and provide viable solutions to bring added value to their business. Our experienced team is comprised of industry specialists trained to provide comprehensive customer care experience from start to finish. Our work ethos is guided by our commitment, transparency, honesty, and integrity in everything we do.

Our Values